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This video work was produced as a completed work.
In "Uzomuzo", people of different races and personalities live in the woods depicted in the oil paintings.
First, draw a background in oil on multiple canvases. Next, use acrylic paint on drawing paper to draw the movement of the character, which is the material for the animation. Edit the shot material into a single animation with video editing software. Then, it is projected on the background oil painting with a projector. I was particular about not seeing anything in the gaps between the canvases. When reading manga, people may be free to imagine between frames. By adopting this method, I thought that the viewers would be more actively involved in my work.
When I projected the image so that it overlapped the shape of the tree in the oil painting, it looked as if the painting itself was shining. When the oil painting and the digital light overlap, I was surprised at how beautiful the color would be, and developed the expression by this combination.
Exhibition scenery
I used 4 acrylic paints and sketchbooks (F6, 24 sheets) for animation production. Some of them are listed below.

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